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We are on the mission to ecologically rejuvenate city facing space of the Kamandalu River located in Kavthemhankal town. Earlier the river was an eminent identity part of the town after which the city was named; Unfortunately over the course of civilization and expanding human population around the shores, the river was forced under pollution and garbage losing its ecological & functional value.

We are on the core mission to rejuvenate a river stretch of 2 km not only with functionality but also with ecological and biological life-cycle management with the waterbody. The Project is carried out with an expert ecological consulting company and with support from local authorities and public representatives. the core strength of the project is local residents of the town who can see the change in the close vicinity of river premises from week 1.

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Our recent activity Kamandalu River 🏞 Restoration

Located in Kavthemahankal, the Kamandalu river is a lost identity of the city according to its rich history. lately, this stream has been constantly exposed to sewage and debris deposition. We as a foundation along with local support are on a mission to get the Kamandalu river its lost identity as a full-flowing clean and natural stream of the city's lifeline; कमंडलु नदी Day 1 - Inaugural Day Cleanup Drive 👇

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